BiodivAMP featured on CMTV

The BiodivAMP project and the Portuguese marine protected areas have recently been the central theme of Falar Global, CMTV’s science program. For almost nine minutes, the report highlighted the importance of Marine Protected Areas for the preservation of biodiversity, as well as the relevance of technology as an essential tool for monitoring marine ecosystems.


In the CMTV piece – in addition to the mention of the new portal Marine Protected Areas – experts were interviewed in the area, among them Gonçalo Silva (MARE-ISPA, coordinator of the BiodivAMP project), Sofia Henriques (MARE-FCUL, BiodivAMP consultant) and Emanuel Gonçalves (MARE-ISPA, Oceano Azul Foundation), who stressed the importance and effects of AMP’s on marine biodiversity, the role of science and technology in nature conservation and pointed out threats to the protection of marine environments, such as the lack of management and surveillance plans.


See the CMTV video here.

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