BiodivAMP launch reaches the media

The start of the BiodivAMP project did not go unnoticed by the media, having been highlighted in the Observador.

The online newspaper highlighted the creation of the project’s website and disclosed the next initiatives of the BiodivAMP consortium: the preparation of the Manual of Good Practices for monitoring, management and governance of Marine Protected Areas on the Portuguese coast; and the pilot project for monitoring biodiversity.

The reference newspaper also highlighted the importance of Marine Protected Areas and the urgency to protect them, quoting Gonçalo Silva, researcher at MARE — ISPA and responsible for the project: “the creation of Marine Protected Areas has been one of the most used tools for the conservation of habitats and marine resources, regulating the different activities (…), but most are only moderately protected, and in some cases there is not even any monitoring or proper management”.

The BiodivAMP project – Development of Tools for the Monitoring and Protection of Biodiversity in Marine Protected Areas along the Portuguese Coast, was launched on September 22, in a meeting with all the consortium partners and brought together the project leaders – ISPA-Instituto Universitário and MARE –, as well as representatives from ANP|WWF, CCMAR, Câmara Municipal de Esposende, Ecoalga, Instituto Politécnico de Leiria, Museu de História Natural do Funchal and Naturalist.

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